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The Truth Is Out There – do you have what it takes to find it?

Search for hidden objects and explore how deep the conspiracy goes in this story-driven X-Files adventure game.

Welcome to the FBI's X-Files unit, experience the exciting drama of an X-Files adventure in this extraordinary hidden object game. You and Special Agent Dale have been selected to investigate paranormal crime scenes and events that defy explanation.

With each new case you’ll travel to unique locations, step further into a web of intrigue and conspiracy, while you find hidden clues and solve thrilling puzzles in countless hidden object scenes.. .
"The bottom line is that if you’re an X-Files fan, and want to play around in that world, I think you’ll enjoy this. It’s clearly assembled by a team that loves the property, and it showcases a high degree of detail and polish that makes it feel top-notch." [Matthew Golden]
"You can't really call The X-Files: Deep State just a hidden object game, seeing as it also has numerous other mini-games, dialogue-driven decisions that affect the story and much more. It's an intriguing mix of elements worthy of its source material..." [TouchArcade]
"If you’re a massive fan of The X-Files, you really owe it to yourself to download Deep State right now." [Droid Gamers]
"I would absolutely recommend this game to anyone a fan of the unknown and mysterious. The game offers much more than it asks for." [Gamerz Unite]
"Here’s one for anybody who’s paranoid, but not so paranoid that they won’t allow a giant TV corporation to install some programming on the constantly-active tracking device they permanently keep in their pockets" [AV Club]

The following intel is classified Top Secret/For Your Eyes Only.